Sunday, 9 April 2017

It's a Boy('s Name).

Tonight, my love for Twitter hashtag games reared its ugly head, when I was unwittingly sucked into a round of #BoysNameSongs.

When it comes to these things, I can’t help myself, though having said that, it proved a nice palate cleanser for the head after a day of working on stand-up material. It was only on looking back at my Twitter feed a moment ago that I realised I was playing along for nearly forty minutes, which is embarrassing; still, it kept me out of trouble.

See below for my contributions to the #BoysNameSongs; see if you can spot when it all went very Beatle-centric.

7:39pm: Private Dan-cer.

7:39pm: Glyn the Navy.

7:40pm: When a Dan Loves a Norman.

7:40pm: Baz Long as Steve Needs Me.

7:41pm: Fred Fred Wine.

7:46pm: John the Wings of a Love.

7:46pm: Stan By Me.

7:48pm: Band on Darren.

7:50pm: Good Dave Sunshine.

7:52pm: Coffee & Stevie.

7:54pm: I see that and I raise it with Bridge Over Troubled Walter.

7:58pm: Ryan the Walrus.

7:59pm: Oh, Pretty Norman.

8:01pm: Smooth Reginald.

8:03pm: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Dan After Midnight)

8:06pm: Clive Wants to Hold Your Hand.

8:06pm: Steve Loves You.

8:07pm: Clive Wants to Know What Love Is.

8:08pm: Trevolution.

8:09pm: Come to Trevor.

8:10pm: I Need Stu (by George Harrison).

8:11pm: I Can Seymour Miles.

8:14pm: Dig a Tony.

8:17pm: A Hard Craig's A-Gonna Fall.

8:20pm: A Hard Wayne's A-Gonna Fall.

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