Monday, 24 April 2017

The Man With One Brain.

According to Headspace, I’ve meditated 272 days in a row, which is no mean feat.

I’m proud of myself for sticking with it and, while I was practising most days anyway before downloading the app, its been an invaluable addition to my life, helping me train my mind to healthily approach any challenges I may be faced with from day to day.

I admit I was reticent to opt for a subscription-based service once my free trial had elapsed, despite finding those first few sessions useful. It’s funny how differently you can view paying for something that's slightly out of the norm; I wouldn’t flinch at spending a fiver a month on luxury or superfluous items such as chocolate, alcohol or magazines, yet committing the same amount to something that might benefit my well-being seemed too much; there was a sense of ‘would it be worth it?’ to the whole thing.

I can now state categorically that it was. Headspace has a huge resource of guided meditations tailored to all kind of situations that mean you could spend a whole year without listening to the same file twice. It’s also cheaper than going to classes, and while being guided by a teacher in person will always have the edge, it's certainly an excellent substitute. The exercise to aid sleep is worth the admission-fee alone, having knocked me out too many times to count.

That’s not to say that you have to meditate every day to benefit from it. While it’s gratifying to know I’ve been on a 272-day straight, it’s not a competition; I’m always allowed a day off. It’s good to practise as often as you can though - and, if meditation's something you been considering trying, Headspace is a brilliant place to start; I'm not on commission, by the way.

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