Saturday, 8 April 2017

Looking Through a Glass Onion.

I saw this in a café menu today and couldn't work out if the last bit meant there would or wouldn’t be onions.

Surely if it’s without no onions then it must come with some. A crossed-out onion is a double negative in different clothes. While the line above suggests the café were out of onions (and how hard are they to source?), by taking the onion out of the second line, they’re just creating confusion; so much for clarity. Thank God I don’t eat meat, or I'd have no idea what my hot dog would have on it; I wonder if they’d still sell cheese dogs if they were out of no cheese? 

Putting food to one side, today was a productive day. This afternoon, I holed myself up in my office so I could get to grips with what new material I have for next weekend’s work-in-progress dates. I decided to concentrate on the slideshow-based stuff today (and no doubt tomorrow too) as that’s the material I’ve tried the least, or in many cases not at all. I think I’m doing well overall, but it’s easy to lose faith when you’ve only got yourself to run it past. Today I’ve fluctuated between thinking it’s crap, it’s reasonably good and thinking it’s crap again. Either way, I’ve got a few chances to run it in before I make my final judgement; in the meantime, I’m going to stockpile onions in case we're on the brink of an onion shortage.

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