Monday, 6 June 2016

You've Got A (Few) Friend(s).

Today, was a day of sociability, and a nice break from the frustration of the past few weeks. 

I met with my friend Rob in the morning, who's working as a DJ for a station in Milton Keynes, and who'll drop by Hitchin on the way when he can, for a coffee and a catch-up. He's one of those people I don't get to see as much as I'd like but, when I do, we pick up where we left off.

We know each other through music, having met when working together on the Buddy Holly show I used to do, on my second year of doing it. Rob played Buddy before me, then went into 'The Mousetrap' in town the year I took over (I'm talking Agatha Christie; not pest control or Linford), meaning I missed him the first time around. When he returned, he took the rhythm guitar / emcee role (enjoying the break from the big glasses, I think), and our mutual interest in rock 'n' roll and sixties music - plus our shared sense of humour - meant we soon connected on the road; then Glyn joined the team as Tour Manager, with the same sense of humour, thus sealing the deal. The three of us set up the actor / muso show 'Glad All Over!: A Sixties Celebration' a few years later, trying to right all the wrongs we'd seen on other tours - and if it weren't for other commitments, finances, and our waning interest in that type of work, we'd probably still be doing it. 

Speaking of Glyn, we bumped into him as Rob was heading off, and had a super-quick catch-up. He came in on the tail-end of a conversation, which was probably confusing, but I'm sure the three of us will get around a table soon for a proper natter; I hate the word 'natter', but it's late, so it'll do.

Following that, I briefly met with Glyn's and my IYIE co-host Stephen, so he could fill me in on some news. I went home, knowing I'd hadn't done any of the work I'd meant to do and for once, not feeling guilty about it. All in all, it was a good day; not a good blog, but a good day nevertheless. 

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