Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gigs, Trains, Friends and Toast.

Tonight I did a short spot at Touching Cloth, to road-test a couple of bits and bobs of newish material to see if they work. 

As to whether they did, I'd say "probably yes", which is a good enough outcome. I kept my set loose, and if anything had too much to get across in just five minutes, but I came away from the venue feeling relaxed, which is a good indicator, particularly after a stressful week. 

I bumped into my friend Sarah on the train home, who kindly gave me a lift back to Chez Ephgrave (the place where I live). It's the second time we've stumbled across each other this week, though the first time was more special, when I came out of Waterstone's in Hitchin at the precise moment she was walking past while dialling my number on her phone. I appeared like a well-read incantation; " If you call me, me will come."

Today started with another friendly hook-up, when I met Glyn for breakfast, to discuss what we'll be doing at Mostly Comedy next week. We also popped by Hitchin Town Hall (with the Town Centre Manager in tow) so Glyn could do a recce of the venue's technical set-up, ready for a Hitchin Festival event in a few weeks. It's the first time I've been in there since the building's long, drawn-out revamp; as to whether the hall itself has been improved is up for debate, but it's a surprisingly big space, which is worth keeping in mind, in case we want to put something on there in future. 

I now plan to wind down from the day with tea, toast and an episode of The Simpsons; never let it be said that I don't know how to relax. 

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