Friday, 24 June 2016

Happy Hitchinites.

The cheer in the room when I introduced Stewart Lee at tonight's Mostly Comedy was extraordinary. 

The people of Hitchin - or its comedy non-Tory contingent at least - fucking love him. This is evidenced by how quickly he's sold every time he's been on the bill; this time around, every ticket was gone within an hour of the event being put on sale. Understandably so, as when he's in full flight no other act could beat him; the intelligence of his delivery and his points of reference are razor sharp; it's no wonder he's so highly regarded within the comedy industry. 

Tonight's line-up was impressive all round, with Norman Lovett being our other big-hitter of the night. He complemented Stewart perfectly, thus sealing the deal of a great night. We knew when booked them on the same line-up that it would be a night to remember...and without being smug, we were right. 

Our stuff went well tonight too. We had a super-quick get-in, as there was an event in the Ballroom earlier on the day, but we (and our assistant Paul) still managed to get everything done, despite the stress of it. We resurrected the Dutch Phrase Book, which we haven't done in years...bit it still got a good reaction. All in all, it was a great night, but now I'm going to sign off; I'm too tired to write coherently.

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