Thursday, 2 June 2016

Everybody Hurts, Sometimes.

Today saw my first visit to Winchester, since I injured myself there twelve years ago, while rehearsing for panto at the Theatre Royal. As ailments go, it was pretty niche: I slipped a disc in my back while doing a one-man Chinese Dragon dance. Who hasn't done this? EVERYONE.

Thankfully, today was cartilaginous disc displacement-free (at time of going to press). It felt good to satiate the demon (not a euphemism). While the method with with I sustained the injury was amusing, it was terrifying at the time, as I wasn't sure how badly I'd hurt myself. I could barely stand, let alone walk, and spent the rest of the day laying on the rehearsal room floor in agony, until someone could take me to A&E. 

Once we'd ascertained the nature of my injury, I stayed on in Winchester until the day before the show opened, receiving regular physio in the hope I'd be fit enough to do the run, until the director decided at the eleventh hour (quite rightly) that it would be too much of a risk. I went home with my tail between my legs - literally: I was playing the part of Ratty - with my car seat reclined at a 45• angle, as I couldn't get in any other way. It was a career low-point. 

...but enough of past ailments. I was in town today to do a gig at the club Pin Drop Comedy. The crowd were small but lovely, and the host and other acts were lovely too. I only stayed until the end of the first half, as the journey back is epic - I'm in the midst of it as we speak - but it was worth the effort. I'd happily return; just don't ask me to throw any Oriental shapes.

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