Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Posing in the Ephgraveyard.

If I ever get around to recording a solo album, this should be the cover. 

It was taken by my wife while we were out for a walk at the weekend. She's an excellent photographer, who's responsible for most of the photos Glyn and I use to promote both Mostly Comedy and ourselves - including my current headshot - yet she doesn't see her own ability. This particular picture came about as the result of a little fiddle with her phone. I like the moodiness of it, and how it manages to capture the massive gaping hole at the back of my head so perfectly; it's a wonder I'm still lucid. 

While I was joking about the album, it's a shame that I'm no longer making music. I can't remember when I last picked up my guitar other than to move it, which is ridiculous when what I did with it used to define me. My focus has shifted away and I wonder if it will one day shift back. 

I had a small pang for playing in a band whilst watching a Latin group at a gig last week. It's not a style of music that interests me, but I found myself inevitably drawn to the way the bassist had locked with the drumbeat and for a moment, I wished that bassist was me. It's not like it isn't something I've done countless times myself - it had got to the point that I'd gigged so much, and had scored out so many bass, guitar or piano parts to play once at some uninspiring event or other for next-to-no money - but to play with a band you connect with is still a great feeling. It's instinctive. I got the music in me, man...or it could be just wind. 

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