Monday, 6 June 2016

The Reluctant Listener.

I didn’t intend to listen to tonight’s episode of In Your Inner Ear as, to be honest, I was a little sick of my own voice and thought processes (I’d spent a few hours, trying - and failing - to write), but I’m glad I did, as it cheered me up.

That wasn’t meant to sound arrogant. What I enjoyed was hearing back the banter from my two favourite funny friends (glib) Glyn and Stephen, and the sense that, however unplanned it may be, it comes out sounding like a show.

I’m often nervous before the programme airs, because I haven’t heard it. We record it in real time in a two-hour block, as the station no longer supports a live broadcast, with no time to do a retake, so there’s always a risk that it might be shit. It’s yet to be that, but watch this space:

[                          ]

My favourite part of tonight’s show was the least prepared bit: me, questioning Glyn on his favourite liquid and receptacle to carry it and the random conversation that ensued. It was good to hear when I’ve been struggling to write and over-thinking every sentence: sometimes, when you just say stuff, it just works.

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