Wednesday, 29 June 2016

King of Admin.

When you regularly organise shows like I do, far too much of your time is taken up with logistics.

Such was the case for me today, and primarily tonight. I have a preview in London tomorrow that I organised, booked and promoted myself at a venue I’ve worked at previously, which doesn’t have much of a tech set-up. Consequently, I’m taking most of the gear there myself. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I had someone coming with me to share the load, but sadly, a couple of people who’d originally been hoping to do this had to pull out unavoidably. As a result, I spent most of this evening with my brain zoned out, as I tried to figure out a feasible way of carrying everything I need on my own in one go; if only I possessed a pit pony.

Part of the reason for my brain freeze was due to spending a long day split between rehearsing, organising, promoting, procrastinating…and other words that end with ‘ing’. It can be hard to multi-task with such little assistance, as in an ideal world, you’d shoulder the burden by handing over the admin work to someone else, so you could prioritise on the show's content; I long for the day when I can do this.

Thankfully, I (sort of) got there in the end, thanks to the help of my unofficial unpaid assistant: my wife. Without wishing to appear cloying, I couldn’t do it without her; I wonder if she’d consider being my understudy too? She probably be funnier.

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