Monday, 20 June 2016

Meetings and Bookings.

This morning, I met with Glyn to plan this week's Mostly Comedy; both in an administration and a 'what will we perform at it' sense. 

We resurrected and rehearsed a piece of material that's perfect for Thursday's gig, which takes place on the day of the EU Referendum; you can't let an event like that pass without making reference to it. I won't disclose too much about what we'll be performing, in case anyone coming to the show reads this - it's nice to maintain a little mystery - but it's suitably European in theme. We watched a video of the material, recorded at one of the first Mostly Comedys before we ran it over ourselves. it was nice to rediscover some funny lines and moments we'd forgotten about, and while it's not new to us, it will be new to most of the audience. That's the best we can manage at the moment, when we don't have time to come up with anything else. 

After Glyn left the office, I set to work at finalising dates at an additional venue we'll be taking on in the new year, and sent some emails chasing up a few potential line-ups. While it was good to get all of this done, I had hoped to spend some of the time looking at stuff for Edinburgh. At least things are looking promising for Mostly in the coming months; everything I did today was still positive. I also booked in another solo gig in July, so all in all it was pretty productive. 

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