Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I had a quick burst of excitement while brushing my teeth tonight, when I remembered I’d bought some new mouthwash.

This is apparently what gets me going these days. I’ve set the bar very low. This is probably for the best; if you lower your expectations, you decrease the chance of disappointment. I may not win tomorrow’s record Lotto jackpot, but at least I can improve my dental hygiene. Take control of the small things and let the big things take care of themselves.

It’s akin to the feeling when you slip into a bed with fresh sheets. It’s the taste of pure luxury. Well, Listerine isn’t; it’s the taste of 26.9% alcohol (not that I checked). If mouthwash lifts my mood, imagine my elation when I get a new toothbrush. I'll have to sit down for a bit.

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