Sunday, 3 January 2016

Studio in a Bottle.

We recorded a new episode of In Your Inner Ear tonight (which goes out tomorrow) that was new in more ways than one. Firstly, it was a new show; secondly, the topic of the show was ‘new’, and thirdly, it’s the first time we haven’t recorded the programme at SG1’s studio, opting to use our office instead.

We came out of the session far happier with the sound quality than we’ve been since IYIE began. It’s always been the thing that’s let the show down. It helps that we have a better grasp of how to use our own equipment than theirs, but the fact that a lot of our stuff is better quality played a factor. It was also, bizarrely, more comfortable to do, despite the comparative lack of space. Our office isn’t designed to fit three people, let alone all the mics, stands, computers and the audio desk required, but we somehow managed to pull it off. Now we know we can do it at D&E HQ, we’ll probably record most of our other shows there in future.

The majority of the music featured in the show related to the chosen topic, which helped give a sense of cohesion to the whole thing. I'll look forward to listening to it when it broadcasts tomorrow, from the comfort of my own home. Why not tune in yourself? It streams from 7-9pm at Be there, or be somewhere else; the choice is yours.

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