Saturday, 30 January 2016

Say What?

We prerecorded the seventeenth episode of our internet radio show ‘Doggett & Ephgrave: In Your Inner Ear’ tonight in our office, ready to go out on Sunday.

The show’s topic was ‘What?’, in the sense that we discussed things that have shocked or confused us. The theme was broad enough for us to talk about anything, as when you’re seventeen programmes in, you start to run out of ideas. It begs the question whether the next three episodes will be ‘Where?’, ‘How?’ and ‘When?’; I hope not.

I enjoy recording in our office more than in the studio, as we have a more relaxed set-up. We’re in control of what we’re doing and know how to use our own equipment. The audio quality is also better, which makes the show more enjoyable to listen to (or that’s what I keep telling myself).

While I enjoyed the show, I wish I’d taken more time to get to grips with the stories I’d chosen to tell before we started recording. I spent much of the afternoon finding appropriate what-related songs to put in the play list, when I’d rather have been going over my material. Finding things to discuss isn’t ultimately that difficult, as I scour my blog for posts I’ve written in the past that relate to the chosen topic, and then use them as a springboard for my bits in the show. Not being overly familiar with the posts before the recording helps keep things fresh, but if I’d read them a few more times beforehand, I’d probably hit the bullet points better. That said, I don’t want it to sound scripted; not that it's likely anyone would think that.

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