Saturday, 23 January 2016

Blinded by a Former Cabinet Minister.

I’d like to know where Michael Portillo sources his garish blazers.

I'll often catch a bit of his BBC2 programme 'Great British Railway Journeys' of an evening, post-Simpsons, and while I find the subject interesting, I’d probably turn to another channel sooner, if it weren’t for the lurid jackets he wears. Their dazzling effervescent nature lures you in, like a crustacean hypnotized by the bioluminescence of an anglerfish’s ‘light’. No sooner have you adjusted to a blazer / trouser combination (salmon / yellow) than another outfit bursts forth (turquoise / red). He’s a Tory test card. 

I have to say I quite like him, political leanings notwithstanding. I have to say it, because he’s holding a gun to my head. He snuck up on me, which is surprising considering his taste in clothing. I once spotted him in the audience at a performance of 'We Will Rock You', but then, how could I not?

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