Sunday, 10 January 2016


I discovered today, perhaps unsurprisingly, that it's best to not attempt to sing a top Ab   Immediately after a large fried breakfast.

(After eating the fry-up, I mean; it hadn't just sung an Ab itself.)

The reason for the post-meal screech was I'd decided to pop to the office to record the jingles for next week's SG1 Radio show after a spot of petit déjeuner (French) with my wife (English). While the timing wasn't perfect, it was still easier than last week's 'session', when I had barely recovered from losing my voice; it seems my vocal range is less hindered by a stodge-coated gullet.

(Pleasing image.) 

The theme for next week's show is 'WHAT?!', in the sense that we'll be discussing the things we find ridiculous, or don't understand. While I like the topic, I hadn't accounted for how hard it would be to sing the word 'what' twice in quick succession, without the second one sounding like 'twat'. I decided to make the most of this accidental boon; in a two-hour radio show, you create your humour where you can.

The station repeated last week's episode tonight, as we were unable to find a time this week when the three of us were all available to record a new one. I'm looking forward to doing it; if all else fails, we'll throw in a few extra 'twats'. With three already hosting the show, I'm sure that no-one will notice.

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