Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Shaking My Fist at the Planet.

I’m starting to lose patience with the general public.

It’s worse than that: I’m starting to lose patience with everything. I frequently move out of the way to let someone pass me on the street, or hold open a door, to no acknowledgement. I step into busy roads to negotiate my way around couples who fill the entire width of a pavement without consideration of the fact that other people might be using it; far better for me to be knocked down by a car than for them to briefly walk in single file. I wouldn’t want a passer-by to think they don’t know each other (not that they could get past if they wanted to).

For a person who is reasonably laid-back, my capacity for moaning is extraordinary. I can be irritated by anything from a strangely worded / poorly enunciated TV voice-over to the shape of someone’s face. Ironically, the thing that annoys me most is myself; God, I’m an infuriating, lanky, deep-voiced git. It’s no wonder I turn to meditation to keep my anger in order.

I just want to be treated with politeness; it doesn’t take much. If you want to treat me to a trip to Euro Disney, that's even better; the last time I went was in 1993 and Phantom Manor was terrific.

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