Tuesday, 29 December 2015

School's In.

I’m looking forward to when my meditation class starts up again next week.

It’s still something I practise most days, though however regularly I do it, there comes a point when I can do with a bit of a teacher-led ‘top-up’. I find it very useful for regulating my mood and bringing myself back into the present moment; a place where my mind is often reluctant to be. I’m always planning and looking ahead, or getting caught up in the minutiae of the past, so meditating is a good way to gently steer myself back to now. It’s also good for centring myself before I perform or helping me focus on the work I need to do.

(*cough* Tax Return *cough*.)

My teacher is excellent at finding new ways to look at meditation, or reminding me of the basics. It’s surprising how often you need to be nudged towards this. The human brain is so used to flitting between multi-tasking and self-judgement that being told that this is okay and normal can come as a relief. Something about my teacher’s phraseology and approach sits particularly well with me and helps to make an internalised topic that could be hard get to grips with surprisingly easy.

The only thing I don’t like about my class is the vague approach to when it finishes. The brochure says it’s meant to end at 8:15pm when in reality it’s often closer to 9:00pm. However much I appreciate putting some time aside for reflection, I also like to eat my dinner.

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