Thursday, 10 April 2014

Speedy Email.

I sent out the press release for next month’s Brighton Fringe Festival show this morning; the easiest mass-mail-out of my life to date.

We’ve recently started using Mail Chimp, which was recommended to me by my artist friend Sarah Graham. It’s a great, smart way to organise and customise promotional emails. In the past, mail-outs have always been laborious, particularly when you’re working from a long and detailed media list. With Mail Chimp it’s a doddle: a Glenn Hoddle, Chris Waddle doddle.


I did today’s mail-out in the fraction of the time it usually takes. And we’re talking a tiny fraction. This much:

When it usually takes this much:
I think I’ve made my point.

Come and see us in Soho, Brighton, Leicester Square and Hitchin; you know you want to. Oh, and you can also join our mailing list.

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