Friday, 4 April 2014

Cast Off.

I feel surprisingly Zen after today's casting. 

I think this is because, despite telling myself this constantly, I'm finally starting to accept that there's no point in giving an audition a second thought once it’s done. Particularly when you're up for an advert. There are so many reasons why you might not get the job; the casting director might, for example, just have taken a particular dislike to your shirt. It’s that fickle. 
It's all about maintaining a sense of self, both inside and outside of the room. A casting is a chance to give a handful of people a very brief window into your ability, however great or small that ability might be. You're either right for the part or you're not. There's nothing personal about it. 

There's something Phil Kay says in his Autoblography that rings very true for me. He defends his occasional bad publicity by reminding the reader that he has been at every Phil Kay gig; the good and the bad. He's aware of when it worked and when it didn't. The audience only gets to look in occasionally; he gets a look-in for life.

That's a great way to see things. I think I might borrow it for myself.

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