Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool?

Boris Johnson is Mayor of London. This isn’t an April Fool.

The Sun is the UK’s biggest selling newspaper, with The Daily Mail taking a close-run second place. A recent poll in the Independent on Sunday named UKIP as Britain’s most popular political party. Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell and Adrian Chiles all have successful television careers. None of these are April Fools; all of them are April Facts.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Such is life. It’s better to accept this, than to mull over the way you think that things should be.

One thing’s for certain: spaghetti doesn’t really grow on trees. Richard Dimbleby may have made this claim on Panorama fifty-seven years ago, but the damage still remains. The people of the United Kingdom will never forget.

I may have to go to his sons' houses brandishing a pitchfork.

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