Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Just Add Water.

I’m doing a spot of cat-sitting for a friend over the next few days.

For me, this isn’t a chore. I spend most of my life attracting feline attention (mostly intentionally), so a little extra time with another member of the species is always welcome.

In this instance, they’re a pair of sisters, with two of the grumpiest faces that you’ve ever seen.

They remind me of gremlins, but in a good way. They’re very sweet, if a little menacing, as they silently pad their way around my friend’s flat.

For some reason, one of them always leads me to the bathroom. She climbs on top of the toilet and looks at me expectantly, as if I’m stupid for not knowing exactly what she wants. I’ve tried turning on the tap next to it, though this usually provokes little response.

If she is a Gremlin, then I’m playing with fire. I know what happens when they come into contact with water; I've seen the films.

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