Saturday, 29 March 2014


In the last few days I’ve rediscovered my love of green tea.

I used to drink it religiously (in terms of amount, rather than my choice of outfit or beliefs). I pretty much cut out caffeine altogether, and would be happiest with a mug of green, camomile or redbush in my hand.

(I know that green tea is a little caffeinated, but I’m sure you get my point.)

Then I started spending more time in coffee shops. This had the sort of impact on my choice of beverage that you might expect.  

While I enjoy drinking coffee, it sometimes has a negative effect. Too much of it can make me anxious. I have to get my daily intake just right.

(I have a similar problem with crack.)

Perhaps I should cut back on the dreaded black bean some more. My new-found taste for green tea can only help this.

I just wish I could stop eating so many biscuits.

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