Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to Make Delicious Tea.

Where would we be without instructions?

I had no idea that I was making tea incorrectly. I didn't know about these three simple steps. Think of all the people I have made a cup for in the past; each one quietly seething as they pretended to sip politely.

I didn't know you had to yank the drawstring out at such a jaunty angle, while holding the teabag like a magician doing a card trick. There's definitely some sort of conjuring involved. The string has split in the middle. How is it staying taut? It must be done with magnets. 

I'm not sure why you have to hold your hand in a pincer shape while waiting for the tea to brew. Isn't this irrelevant? It looks like one of those claw-cranes you get in amusement arcades. 
The illustration peters out before it reaches the arm. Why? They've already drawn the difficult bit.
It must be very hard to pour water in a forked formation (though it would save time when making tea for two). 

I guess it's not too late to put my new-found wisdom into action. Now I've learnt how to make a delicious cup of tea, I'm going to scour the internet for instructions on how to drink it. 
(Do you have to use a mug without a handle?)

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