Thursday, 27 March 2014

All Aboard.

Today's been another day of train journeys. 

I'm currently on my way back from Milton Keynes; the sort of place that it's best to travel away from at speed. The weather outside my window is dreary. I'll be glad to get home.
We just passed through Leighton Buzzard. Sadly, there wasn't a single bird of prey in sight.
I had a casting in London at lunchtime, which went reasonably well. I then caught the tube to Euston, so I could take the first available train to the Land of Roundabouts to pick up my newly-repaired laptop. 

When it died a couple of days ago, I was worried that I'd lost a lot of data. Most of my personal photographs weren't backed up; I didn't fancy having to recreate them all from scratch.  
Thankfully, this hadn't happened, which was a relief. I'd like to profess my thanks to the God of Technology.

Things nearly turned nasty a moment ago, when I trapped my little finger in the gap between the tray-table and the seat in front of me. I only just managed to dislodge it before pulling into the station, thus saving myself any embarrassment. 

This sort of thing could only happen to me.

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