Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mr Gauche.

Today, my slapstick potential was ramped up to-the-max.

It was like this from the moment I woke up. Nothing massively awful happened; just a succession of awkward little moments. I only needed to attempt to lean on an upturned bar flap for my day to be complete.

(Didn’t Billy Joel sing a song about an upturned bar flap? I should probably look this up.)

I hate days like this. They're very frustrating. I often take it very personally: like the Universe is conspiring to make me look a dick.

(Not that I’m a megalomaniac.)

This afternoon I had a casting in which I had to purposely be awkward. “Bingo”, I thought to myself. “Let’s see if I can channel my current clumsiness and turn it into cash.”

I'm not completely sure that I succeeded. I haven’t had an audition for a couple of weeks, and boy, did it feel like it. It wasn't my worst performance, but it was by no means my best.

I sometimes feel like I’m permanently pushing on the pull-door of life.  

(Not only am I a megalomaniac, I’m pessimistic with it.)

What was it D:Ream said?: “Things can only get better”. Well, they can take their unnecessary punctuation point and FUCK OFF.

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