Friday, 21 March 2014

Mostly Herring.

Tonight’s Hitchin Mostly Comedy was fun.

Me at March 2014's Mostly (Photo by Gemma Poole).

I’ve always been proud of the club, but recently it's definitely had a boost. The acts we’re booking just get better by the month. It’s exciting to guess who we might get next.

Tonight we had Richard Herring, who is easily mine and Glyn’s favourite stand-up. His work ethic is immense. You can’t help but be impressed by how much he churns out.

Richard Herring (Photo by Gemma Poole).

We fitted in a nice relaxed chat for our podcast. Interviewing someone who is essentially ‘Mr Podcast’ should be intimidating, but he makes it very easy. 

We talked about his recent Leicester Square Theatre Podcast interview with star of The Simpsons and Spinal Tap, Harry Shearer; someone who we have also gigged with in the past. He told us how excited he was to be in the company of someone he really admires, which was ironic, considering the context.

We also had Matt Green on the bill, who is another excellent stand-up. His control of the room is impressive. Catch him if you can.

Matt Green (Photo by Gemma Poole).

It was also a good gig for us. We tried out a bit of new material that we’d worked up during the day, which has potential. We plan to get back into the swing of doing something new each month – and then working the best bits into our hour-long show.

(An hour-long show that currently clocks in at forty minutes.)

Next month we have star of  I'm Alan Partridge - and just about every comedy programme of the last twenty years - Kevin Eldon. Don’t forget to book your tickets.

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