Monday, 27 November 2017

"University Challenged: Week Nineteen' (27.11.17)

Once again, tonight’s episode of University Challenge was a largely Monkmanless environment, with no-one of enough character to marvel over with humorously.

Okay, we were reunited with Ulster Milliken’s slightly threatening look and the odd comical voiceover from Roger Tiling, but there was still too little going on to really rouse your interest; Paxman was as rude and dismissive as ever, but that’s par for the course when he’s about.

See below for my tweets from tonight; hope you enjoy them.

Warwick Vs. Ulster (27.11.17)
8:01PM: Jeremy Paxman; oh, so weary.
8:02PM: "I'm from the Welsh borders area"; very vague, Charlotte; what are you hiding?
8:04PM: I'll show you MY French region
8:05PM: I know I said this last time, but...'Milliken'.

8:06PM: "Juno?"; I don't you?
8:09PM: TRIVIA: McDaid's son replaced George Dawes as scorekeeper on Shooting Stars in 2010.
8:11PM: Salter looks like someone's mum.
8:12PM: Arribas and Salter buy their clothes from the same big-print shirt shop.
8:15PM: Milliken to be cast in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: The Musical.’
8:17PM: "Warwick Arribas!" sounds like an exclamation.
8:20PM: There's nothing more dismissive than when Paxman refuses to even acknowledge the fact someone has answered incorrectly.
8:22PM: ...well, I knew the Dylan and Springsteen ones. That's about my limit.
8:25PM: “We HATE Saint George, sir. We HATE Prince George.”

8:27PM: I want Roger Tilling shouting "Warwick Arribas" as my morning alarm

8:28PM: Is there such a thing as a fear of clowns' belly buttons?

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