Thursday, 2 November 2017

No Photographs.

Today, a guy looked so furiously at me while I was taking this photograph.

The reason I took it was I thought it looked like a ‘Bring Your Kids to Work Day’, but he clearly didn’t like not knowing the reason why I was taking it; he looked from me to the cones then back at me again as if I was weird, or at the very least like needed to justify my intentions; it’s the kind of face I’ve grown to expect after years of taking random pictures to use for material, and an expression I could really do with removing from my life.

The point is, I shouldn’t have to explain what I’m doing to anyone in this situation, unless what I’m doing is intrusive on inappropriate. When I do this sort of thing, I’m always discreet, but that doesn’t stop people from having a really long hard good look at the subject of my photographs, without any attempt to hide their confusion; I thought British people were supposed to be polite and go out of our way not to make a scene, yet I’ve seldom seen this in practice; in my experience, the people who catch me taking photos of random inanimate objects want to make it absolutely clear that they don’t understand what I’m doing, without any attempt to disguise their incredulity; it’s a bizarre and boring never-ending situation I find myself in.

It reminds me of the time I was walking through town with my umbrella up, because it had just been tipping down, but was starting to settle. Little did I realise, but it had basically stopped, but this didn’t prevent a woman from walking past me, staring at me like I was some scum.

“It’s isn't raining now”, she said, with a degree of fury that completely outweighed the situation, as if she were the one who should decide when I have my umbrella out, and if she wasn’t happy with it, it should stop there and then.

I wasn’t aware I had to run these things past people first; sometimes, I hate the public.

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