Monday, 20 November 2017

'University Challenged: Week Eighteen' (20.11.17)

Tonight’s University Challenge was - as with her last appearance on the show - completely overshadowed by St John’s Cambridge’s McKeown’s outfit.

As my first tweet of the evening put it, she looked like a walking affectation; There’s a slim chance that her style choices formed completely naturally over time, but I, for one, doubt it. She’s like a child dressed as an adult, and an irritating adult at that; if she wrote an autobiography it would be filed under fiction (I think I’ve made my point).

See below for a record of my live tweets from tonight, for posterity, like:

St John's - Cambridge Vs. Corpus Christi - Cambridge (20.11.17)

8:02PM: McKeown is a walking affectation.

8:04PM: Roberts looks like Langly, one of the Lone Gunmen from the X Files.

8:04PM: Roberts should smoke a pipe. I hope he smokes a pipe.

8:07PM: McKeown looks like that English teacher at secondary school you never connected with, who couldn't keep control of the class.

8:08PM: Is Levin wearing a roll-neck under that jacket? I'm asking for a friend.

8:09PM: McDougall's hair. Discuss (disgust).

8:11PM: McKeown has a middle-aged woman who enjoys amateur dramatics as a doppelganger.

8:12PM: Levin, son of the Milk Tray man.

8:14PM: Roberts owns his own Bunsen burner, tripod and gauze.

8:18PM: Jeremy Paxman has a personalised number plate that simply says 'NO'.

8:20PM: If it's not McKeown's crushed velvet jacket that irritates you - or her glasses - it's the scarf.

8:22PM: Turner (as in 'Ike and Tina').

8:25PM: McKeown picked her outfit from the Tory Dressing-up Box.

8:26PM: Paxman should record a cover of 'Just Say No'.

8:28PM: Got to love a round on Archbishops of Canterbury.

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