Saturday, 25 November 2017

'Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Eleven' (25.11.17)

Another week, another episode of Strictly, and another compilation of my tweets; read them and weep (if this sort of thing makes you emotional):

6:56PM: Tess looks like a gangster with their jacket over their shoulders.

6:58PM: Is Tess off out?

7:01PM: *Idea for a Bruce Willis-starring sequel shot in London called Die Shard*

7:03PM: Is someone else doing Tess' arms for her tonight?

7:07PM: Peter Kay has only just finished reading out the terms & conditions.

7:08PM: I wish someone would tick MY dream box.

7:11PM: Gorka surreptitiously using Alexandra's feet to clean the floor there.

7:18PM: In the middle of the, I go walking in the, in the middle of the, I go walking in the, in the middle of the, I go walking in the, in the middle of the...etc.

7:19PM: "Those aren't pillows..."

7:21PM: Oh for God's sake, Tess, we heard what the judges just said; you don't need to repeat it.

7:25PM: I think comedy just died on my television.

7:27PM: Mollie's nephew is in AJ's year at school.

7:38PM: Well, that was pretty.

7:39PM: Tess' outfit: because more dresses need a massive pair of shoulder pads and a built-in cloak.

7:42PM: "Huh-huh", Tess laughed, unconvincingly.

7:43PM: Tonight, Debbie's dancing to the theme from Fawlty Towers.

7:45PM: Debbie is stupidly glamorous.

7:47PM: Did Bruno just call Debbie the Quim of Buenos Aires?

7:51PM: Kevin's come as Terry Wogan.

8:03PM: I bet Tess is in her car before the end credits finish rolling.

8:05PM: Where's Philip Hammond, to give Tess a throat sweet?

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