Saturday, 11 November 2017

Phew! Take a Breath.

I’m pleased to report everything seems to be done and dusted regarding our reinstated extra Mostly Comedy on 22nd November with Jack Dee and Ivo Graham, with all the original ticketholders successfully snapping up their original bookings in under a day.

My high-tech checklist.
It was a relief when I logged into our ticketing system yesterday at 9am to see people were already re-securing their tickets as soon as they returned to sale. I continued to keep an eye on it all day, answering the odd email query, while making sure there were no administrative mistakes lurking that would lead to us overselling, or to the wrong number of seats going to the wrong person to create inevitable chaos.

Thankfully nothing like that happened; in fact, only one of the 48 individual ticketing links had been sent to the wrong person, and that was the fault of the ticketing company and not me (smug face); this was swiftly resolved before the proverbial doo-dah hit the proverbial doo-dah doo-dah day.

(I’m not sure what happened just then.)

The best bit of all was every booking was snapped up in its entirety by the person who’d succeeded first-time around, so literally no-one missed out as a result of the gig being cancelled and then reinstated; this was a huge relief, as the last thing we wanted was to create any ill-feeling. It also didn’t cost anyone a penny more than what they originally paid, as we covered everyone's booking fee; see, we’re not that mercenary after all.

What I didn’t expect was a string of lovely emails from people when they’d successfully rebooked. One person said, “I hope you know how much folk appreciate all your efforts with Mostly Comedy. It’s a really top quality night out everytime”; I may print that out and keep it in my wallet.

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