Tuesday, 21 November 2017

That's the Ticket.

Tonight, Phill Jupitus’ forthcoming appearance at Mostly Comedy in March next year sold out to our mailing list in just a couple of hours, showing once again that our regulars are a splendid bunch.

I was intrigued to see how quickly tickets for the show would go, what with the fact it’s still a few months away, the price is slightly higher than usual (as it’s Phill’s full tour show rather than a usual club night) and what with the disappointment from those who missed out on tickets for the Jack Dee still ringing in my ears, but it turns out that none of these things had a negative effect. We hadn’t actually intended on putting the event on sale for a few weeks yet (to give some breathing space after all our recent fast-selling dates) but brought it forward to coincide with the on-sale date for the rest of Phill’s tour, which is from tomorrow at 10am, but once again, our pre-sale means there’ll be nothing left for that, which is a great position to be in; it’s astounding how much interest the club now generates, with four of our five currently announced dates now sold out.

Outside of orchestrating tonight’s pre-sale, I also had a meeting with our technician Paul to discuss the plan for tomorrow and Thursday, and had a physio assessment for my vertigo, which is currently at full pelt. It wasn’t until I did some of the exercises in the session that I realised just how much my vision is having to compensate for the mix signals being sent by my vestibular system, with me barely able to stand with my eyes closed. At least I haven’t got to stand on stage in bright lights over the next few days or deal with the stress of running a comedy club; oh…bugger.

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