Sunday, 19 November 2017

Magic Moments.

It’s hard to fathom it, but Paul Daniels appearance at Mostly Comedy was two years ago today.

Nothing will ever top that gig for me. We’ve been fortunate to play host to some truly fantastic acts in our nine years, but when your childhood hero performs at your club and you get to spend a good few hours in his company, you have to sit up and take note. I can clearly remember the huge smile that crossed my face when I walked down to the venue, knowing what was ahead
 “I’m just going to enjoy today”, I thought to myself, and enjoy it I did.

I met Glyn this evening to discuss our plans for our two shows this week, and the subject of our Daniels-iversary inevitably came up; it was a benchmark for the both of us. We also talked about how pleased we are about Debbie McGee’s reinvigorated popularity as a result of her clearly knocking Strictly out of the park (despite ending up in tonight’s dance-off). At risk of feeding the cliché, she really is lovely and deserves to be celebrated for her ability and for just being all-round nice; it’s great that the general public seem to be grasping this (aside from the usual tabloid bullshit).

My favourite moment of that gig two years ago was when Paul asked me to set his props.
“This is a high-tech piece of kit”, he said, as he handed me the gear in question.
“It’s a wooden box I made myself and screwed to a high-hat stand”; I can’t imagine David Blaine being that hands-on about it.

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