Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Let the Sunshine In.

This morning, for the first time in a good few years really, I got my acoustic out and sang a few of my old songs - and get this: it felt great.

It’s mad that I’ve not done it for so long, when music was what defined me for so many years; there was a time when all I wanted to be was a songwriter and musician, recording with my band or on my own, yet somewhere down the line, my priorities changed and I moved on to different things. I’d still sing and play - the various actor / muso gigs I did made sure of that - but the actively creating musician inside me was obscured, which is a huge shame really.

I’m not sure what it was that made me do it today, though a combination of the music I listened to while getting ready and the fact that Mark Morriss played at Mostly Comedy last week (thus inadvertently reminding me of what I used to do) saw me extricate my jumbo acoustic from its dusty lair* and run through my old repertoire. It was not without pain - the tips of the fingers of my left hand revealed how long it had been since I’d played or restrung it - but a couple of songs into my impromptu set it felt like a bay window opened in my head and a load of fresh air streamed in; there’s a lot to be said for the imprint music leaves on your muscle memory.

It was like doing a good gig, when everything falls into place with no room for overthinking it. I know I’m out of practise, but the essentials are still there. I should give it more time again. Perhaps I can do a short set at Mostly soon, if only as an excuse to exercise that part of brain. One day, I’ll get to writing new songs and recording them.

(*not a euphemism.)

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