Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"We Were Talking..."

I went into London tonight to attend a Classic Album Session in Elephant & Castle (as you do) celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper, which was cancelled for unspecified reasons, but this wasn't the end of the world, as it gave me the chance to catch up with my friend Paul, who'd invited me along in the first place. 

We've been trying to arrange a meeting for months, but our plans have unfortunately been scuppered each time without fail, so it was ironic that the one occasion the stars aligned for long enough for us to be in the same postcode, the hosts of event we were going to decided to pull the plug. It was okay though, as we're adaptable, and headed for the nearest pub instead. 

Our conversation began inevitably with The Beatles, and more specifically Howard Goodall’s excellent recent BBC documentary on Pepper, which dealt with the well-trodden subject perfectly; so much so it reinvigorated the album in my mind, so I was looking forward to hear it tonight…but what can you do? After that we moved onto comedy (Paul's also a comic) and various other bits and bobs. It was a nice evening, even without a psychedelic masterpiece as a soundtrack. Paul even paid for my scampi and chips, which was a bonus.

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