Friday, 9 June 2017

A Lovely Day to NOT VOTE TORY.

I attempted a little subliminal messaging on Twitter this morning to influence my small collection of followers, but I don’t know if it worked.

"If you build it, he will come."

It would be bloody lovely if it did, as I’d like Theresa May’s smug ‘calling a General Election at a time when she think she’s impervious’ plan to fall flat on its face. I, for one, wouldn’t be voting for a party that’s so detrimental to the NHS; not for all the shiny shoes in the PM’s Imelda Marcos-style shoe cabinet.

I’ll be particularly annoyed if the Tories hold their seat in my local constituency when our candidate - who’s replaced the truly odious Peter Lilley - apparently lives in Kettering, which is over an hour’s drive away; not only this, but his Twitter biog has listed three different addresses in so many weeks (something he hasn’t acknowledged when pressed on the social media site by a number of people, including me). How well will he represent Hitchin if he (1) doesn’t live here and (2) he isn’t prepared to interact with his potential voters? A cursory glance of his Twitter profile suggests he uses it in a broadcast-only capacity, which isn’t exactly good cricket; conversely, our Labourcandidate John Hayes has been replying to people to thank them for voting for him all day.

Sadly, this fly-in-the-ointment is unlikely to shake off my hometown’s seemingly sturdy Tory stronghold, which is frustrating, but we can hope. Perhaps if I go to sleep thinking positively, I might wake up to some good news, both about my local seat and also nationally; we’ve had to contend with Brexit and Trump already, so we're surely due it.

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