Monday, 19 June 2017

Sweat the Small Stuff.

Today’s been too hot for its own good.

I met Glyn briefly this afternoon in Hitchin Market Place to discuss plans for Thursday’s Mostly Comedy over a couple of mint choc-chip ice creams, which were tax deductible because we were discussing work. It was more of an administrative meeting than anything, as we’ve had no time to consider any double act material together lately on account of our current lack of availability. That said, it was also a chance to have a bit of a general catch up, as we haven’t really seen each other since last month’s gig; as I said above, chances to get together are rare.

Meeting allowed me the chance to pass on the frustrations of my recent cancelled previews and Glyn the chance to fill me in on the challenges of juggling two young children (not literally). We tend to start most of our get-togethers these days with a general chat about where we’re both at before we look at work - even if time is tight - as it’s all part of being a double act; even though we’re not actively writing together at the moment, we’ve still got to feel comfortable in each other’s company, and that can only come from having the odd casual chat; work tends to expand or contract as according to the time we have for it anyway, so we might as well spend at least some of that time being sociable; after all, we are friends first

One thing I didn’t do today was work on my show, but that’s okay, as a long chat I had with my wife about it yesterday has helped focus my attention on what I needs to do next. It’s sometimes hard when I don’t have a director to see the wood for the trees without someone to sound off of, which was where this conversation was so useful. It reminded me I’m not that far from where I want to be, and gave me a few notes to focus on. Hopefully, I can have a long look at it all tomorrow and Wednesday, so I can put it down on Thursday when we’re doing Mostly and then comforably pick it up again for Friday’s show. Fingers crossed, it’s not this hot then; I’m done with sweating, damn it.

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