Thursday, 13 July 2017

Watch us Wreck the Mic.

Today an interview I did a few week’s ago for Broadway Baby’s On The Mic podcast became available, and I’m quite pleased with it.

Even someone as hypercritical as me can sometimes hear a thing I’ve done back after a little distance has passed and accept I don’t come across like a complete dick in it. You never really know whether you’re just rambling on or sounding coherent when you do these things as they’re always over in a flash, and it’s all down to whether you hit it off with the interviewer and if they ask interesting questions; if they don’t, it can feel like pulling teeth.

Thankfully this wasn’t the case in this instance. Despite all of the usual concerns, I felt it was going pretty well at the time and listening to it today it’s good to learn I was right. Even the stand-up material that’s been cut around it, despite being a couple of years old and quite different to the content of my new show sounds reasonably flattering as a whole; good job, everyone at On the Mic; good job.

The only slight frustration is they’ve accidentally included a web-link to someone else’s show alongside it, but I’m sure we’ll get that fixed. Either that, or I’ll have to assume the other person's identity; whichever has the better show the least paperwork, I’ll do.

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