Saturday, 15 July 2017

Student Loom-ion.

Tomorrow night, I preview my Edinburgh show in Cambridge, and the question on everyone’s lips is, “Will I wear my Monkman t-shirt?”


Well, ‘everyone’ is a bit of an exaggeration; it’s more likely just a few. I did raise my quandary on Facebook and Twitter this evening to an entirely positive response, but that was only from the people who replied, which in fact were minimal; is it right to assume mass-silence as a positive vote?

In reality, I don’t think I have any choice, as not wearing a t-shirt with the face of one of Cambridge’s biggest cult icons (and moat recent University Challenge finalists) emblazoned on it - when I own such a garment - would be an opportunity missed. The only genuine poser faced is “Which Monkman t-shirt?” as I’ve actually got two: a brown one and a red one. Perhaps I should change colours in the interval.

Hopefully it will be a fun gig and a useful one too. I started a run earlier this evening but stopped before the end as I wasn’t feeling my best; it was either my labyrinthitis rearing its ugly head or just general over-tiredness but I had a sudden zap in energy that meant I couldn't get through it. Hopefully, I’ll have time in the morning to pick up where I left off and maybe do another run after that too, though only if I’ve factored in the important job of ironing my two t-shirts; I couldn’t possibly risk a crease when there’s a chance the great man might attend. If he does, I’ll ask him to sign my face.

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