Wednesday, 19 July 2017

So Very Different.

It didn’t matter that there were only two people in for tonight's show, as it was both enjoyable and useful in equal measure.

It just goes to illustrate that you can never predict these things, other than taking an educated guess at the moment. Yesterday, only two people turned up as well, and as soon as I started talking to them beforehand to see how they felt about it and whether they wanted it to go ahead, the width of their eyes made it clear that they weren’t comfortable with it; I understood completely, as there aren’t many who would be.

Conversely, I could tell very quickly when I spoke to the two women who came tonight that they were more than happy to watch it and if anything, that they thought it sounded quite fun. They seemed nice and good humoured, so the me that at other times might have decided to pull it before I went out-front thought, “What the heck”.

I should state for the record that they were exceptional sports. With the wrong people, having me pitch the show to them and them alone for an hour could have been pretty intense on both sides of the fence. The other way of looking at it is the fact there was just the three of us forced us all to have to relax pretty quickly; it didn’t take long for me to read that they were enjoying it; in fact the laughs were more consistent than at my show in Cambridge last Sunday to a far bigger crowd.

It goes to prove yet again that some of the best shows I’ve done have been to the smallest audiences. They force me to reconnect with the material. That, combined with the fact The Etcetera’s such a perfect space for my stuff conspired to make an important turning point go off in my head: the moment when things began to click into place for me to know I’ve almost got a show. I told them this and thanked them afterwards; I'm really glad it went ahead.

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