Monday, 22 May 2017

You Ain't Seen Me...Right?

I was disturbed to discover I'd been papped at Hitchin Station the other day.

I was wholly unaware I’d been snapped until a few days later, when the photographer in question responded to a tweet posted from Doggett & Ephgrave’s account about my show in Brighton, to say they’d seen me waiting for a train and wondered where I was headed. What was strange about it was they’d obviously sat on the picture for a few days before sharing it with us; would they have kept it to themselves if it weren’t for them spotting the tweet about Brighton and, if so, why did they take it? I can’t imagine why anyone would feel the need to document seeing me in a reasonably likely public place.

I’d be flattered if it weren’t so disturbing. How often have people taken pictures of me without my awareness? What’s the pull? It’s not like I’m a topless sunbathing Duchess of Cornwall or a wigless William Shatner. Seeing me at my hometown’s railway station is a reasonably regular occurance.

I already feel paranoid people in Hitchin recognise me from my many local exploits and may judge me when I’m clearly not feeling my best. It’s a shit level of fame, but I’d still prefer the anonymity.

At least I’ve learnt my lesson; henceforth you’ll never see me in a public place without a made-up face.

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