Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Site Unseen.

I’ve spent much of the evening editing copy and content for our newly revamped Mostly Comedy website, adding photos from many of the past eight and a half years’ worth of shows as I do it.

While there’s a fair amount still to be uploaded and changed, the lion’s share of the work has already been done by Mostly’s long-term cohort James Hingley - doorman at many of our early shows - who orchestrated its massive redesign. It’s testament to how good a job he’s done that large chunks don't need to be touched; a very unusual thing for someone as pernickety as me to say. We're hugely grateful for the amount of thought he’s put into it, and the fact he even did it in the first place, particularly as he laid down a lot of the initial work before even mentioning he was doing it. It’s lovely that he cared enough about the club to help without even being asked.

It will be great to have a site that will eventually do justice to how the club's grown beyond our wildest expectations in the past eight years. Finally we’ll be able to make a virtue of all the brilliant photos taken at the shows by our in-house photographer (and my in-house wife) since the club began. Adding these will take time, but when it’s done, anyone who came will be able to relive so many memorable evenings by flicking through the photographic evidence; this may not excite anyone else, but it excites me.

The only downside to the site going live tonight is I find myself editing it now, when I should be in bed. I hate anything that’s incomplete, even when it doesn’t matter; I’m pernickety, like I said.

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