Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Promo Wednesday.

Today was a productive day of doing press for Edinburgh, taking in a podcast interview and a little writing-to-order for a potential piece in an EdFringe magazine.

The interview was fun. It was done over Skype, because we’re living in the future, though just prior to it, I had a moment of panic as to whether I’d know what to talk about; it’s very easy in these situations to forget everything that’s relevant and to come out the other side thinking, “Why on Earth did / didn’t I say that?”

Consequently, I glanced through my show notes and reread my press release just before the interview, because only I would feel it necessary to research myself. I also went for a quick walk to the park near where I live, just to get out of the house; it’s quite something to go from not speaking to anyone for a couple of hours to having your conversation committed to tape (though I doubt the recording was analogue).

In the end, our chat flowed easily and I felt I got across what my show is about. I then set to work on the copy I had to write in the one-hour window before my wife came home, so we could celebrate her birthday (which is today). We commemorated it like any right-minded couple would: with a pizza and ‘Die Hard’ (or ‘Die Hard With Alan Rickman’ as my mother-in-law calls it).

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