Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tick-Tock Tension

While I'd like to be at the Sun Hotel setting up for tonight's Mostly Comedy, instead I'm seated outside a coffee shop in Covent Garden, waiting for word from the Apple Store about my poorly laptop.

The very fact I'm here is a calculated risk. It's all a question of timing; if I hear from them in the next half an hour or so, I should be able to get back to Hitchin without too much hassle. If it takes any longer, I may have to leave my computer behind...and God knows what we'll do at tonight's show.

(Ooh, the drama.)

It could have been worse. I'd originally had an appointment booked in Cambridge for first thing this morning that was early enough for me to book a room at a cheap B&B nearby, as this seemed the least stressful option. Then a slot came available in Covent Garden that seemed more convenient all round - leading to me cancelling both the Cambs appointment and hotel room (losing the money for the room; obviously); my life is nothing if not comedic in its unravelling.

The good news is the repair needed is both minimal and free. The bad news is I'm now waiting for further contact from the Geniuses of the Genius Bar as to when it's been fixed. There's nothing like a bit of near-to-the-line tension to keep your blood pressure high; if all else fails, I might just stay here and give the gig a miss; would anyone notice?

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