Sunday, 3 June 2018

Hitchin's Badger Parade.

Yesterday saw our second mailing list pre-sale for 12th July’s rescheduled Mostly Comedy with Harry Hill that we also had to move to Hitchin Town Hall due to The Sun’s unfortunate lack of availability, though both the increased capacity and yesterday's subsequent sellout make the event the busiest and biggest in our ten-year history with over 300 people booked.

Another advantage to the show taking place in a bigger venue is it has enabled people who missed out first time around a second chance to get in (we actually received a couple of emails to this effect). While it still sold out in less than a day, tickets were available for much of it, which corroborates the theory. I’m glad this was the case as I know some people have been frustrated with how difficult it’s become to guarantee scoring tickets for our most popular events what with the increased demand, not that there's a lot we can do about it.

The only downside to the pre-sale taking place yesterday was I was in London for the day, so it was harder to keep an eye on it; I took a later train into town so I could be available for the first hour and kept looking in after that to respond to the odd query, though thankfully there wasn’t much to contend with. At least the mood was better than usual as fewer people were after tickets as so many were snapped up first time around. Now we just need to make the show work at the Town Hall. Maybe Glyn and I could resurrect the sketch we did with Peter Lilley there in 2008; watch this space...

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