Thursday, 14 June 2018

Knock Knock.

Could this be the world’s most sinisterly concealed door?

I’ve walked by this strange - would you say, “promotional”? - hoarding of Hitchin close to those two monoliths, Argos and the Town Hall, on many an occasion in the past, but I’d never noticed the security lock until today, which literally made me double-take; to be so discreet suggests someone’s trying to hide something (a door presumably). It’s so well disguised, if anyone walked past as it opened, it would make those pedestrians jump out of their skin, which would be a messy business.

The question is, how much do the people behind that door want to bring on a coronary? If they don’t and continue opening it suddenly, heart attack rates in North Hertfordshire will skyrocket; people will walk down Brand Street in Hitchin in a state of acute panic, lashing out at anything that moves.

Still, it would make for a quick getaway; you could turn a corner, open the door and disappear in a flash. It would the perfect place to hide your secret wife (not that I’d condone having such a thing).

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