Friday, 8 June 2018

David's Paper Trail.

Today’s been a day for mass admin, and while that normally makes me frustrated I’m not using the time to be creative, I can at least rest safe in the knowledge I’ve done my best to clear the decks so I can work on my show next week.

Next week’s a busy one, with a couple of hospital appointments and a blood test and to contend with, interspersed with a special one-off Mostly Comedy at London’s RAF Museum on Thursday (because comedy loves planes) and a work-in-progress date in Camden on Sunday. Out of all of these things, Sunday’s gig is my personal priority as I don’t want to waste any chances to get my Edinburgh show together, but I suspect it’s going to be the thing I spend the least time on, once everything else gets in the way. That’s why I worked so hard today to tie up any lose ends, in the hope I’ll be able to focus my energy on writing next week, though I find days with a medical appointment in their midst become more about the appointment than anything else.

The other major focus is the RAF show as it’s something we’d love to make semi-regular it goes well. The line-up is excellent, with Reginald D Hunter and Arthur Smith appearing (you won’t get much better than that) but it’s apparently selling slowly, which probably has to be more to do with the fact the venue’s only just starting to present shows and doesn’t have the right sort of footfall than anything. I know this is something they hope to change and everything has to start somewhere, but it will obviously work better with a decent-sized audience; something both acts should pull, as our St Albans dates prove. Hopefully it’ll pick up a little before Thursday - and if the show doesn’t end with a flypast, I’ll be very disappointed.

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