Friday, 2 February 2018

Oh Baby!

Terrifyingly, we live in a world where someone wanted this.

It’s the composition of the thing that gets me; there’s a whole mismatch of scales. It's also designed with little thought to the backstory; why put the prenatal scan in-between the most heavily pregnant picture and the strangely cropped baby shot? Wouldn’t it make sense to put it further away from that? Also, what’s with the wicker screen to the left? Maybe they're implying the baby was conceived behind it, but let’s not delve into that too much; whatever the case, it’s the epitome of bad taste. No wonder it’s still in the shop as no-one in their right mind would buy it.

I can understand wanting to chart the stages of your pregnancy in principle, but they didn't need to get so trigger-happy with Photoshop; it must have been hard for the family to envisage the final outcome of what they'd ordered, but let’s hope for their sake that they had no inkling it would turn out like this; it’s diabolical; it would be a crime to humanity if it weren’t just a picture in a frame.

What I like most are the woman’s expressions from one shot to the next; by the third-from-last picture she looks like she has her doubts about the concept, to briefly have her faith restored before going completely off the project. Still, at least nobody's posted a blog about it on the internet.

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