Friday, 23 February 2018

Getting it Out in the Open.

It was with some sense of relief that I did the first new material I’ve tried in a few weeks at last night’s Mostly Comedy, and it got a reaction I was happy with.

It’s not that I haven’t been working stuff up with a view to putting in a new show, or blogs I’ve earmarked for this purpose; I just haven’t had the time or the mental space to learn it. I’ve been rushed off my feet lately, and rather than share stories that aren’t enough in the noggin for public consumption and make a hash of them, I’d sooner tinker with them in my own time a little longer, so as not to lose faith before they’re ready. 

Saying that, it’s often not until new material is performed at a gig that you find the missing pieces that make it worth listening to. Last night was a case in point, as a lot of the little incidental lines I threw in off-the-cuff got the best response. I wasn’t so aware of it at the time as I was caught up in my administrative 'running a gig' mindset, but listening back to a recording of my set just now confirmed there’s definitely something in it, which was encouraging to hear, and will give me the faith to try more stuff out soon.

The gig itself was  cracker. I knew it would be, really, as it sold out months ago (and in just twenty minutes) but it was still great to note. Henning Wehn, who headlined, was on top form. He was also a gentleman, as ever. Or should that be, “ein sehr netter Mann?“ Don’t ask me as I don’t speak the language.

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